Custom Work

At J5 Creative, we understand the whole process of creative fabrication and the anxiety that sometimes goes along with it. Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process. From initial ideation, into creative design, through structural engineering, and on to the final fabrication stages, we will be your guiding partner.

Rely on the team here at J5 Creative to see that your project not only comes in on time and on budget, but performs the way you intended it to. Our time tested production methodologies will insure your fabricated elements stand up to the highest structural scrutiny and still be visually appealing.


Our expert team understands that custom fabrication is not always the best solution for your current needs. Whether you are just starting out, or only tending a single show, we want to offer what makes the most sense for your project.

Our 7 Reasons to Rent

  1. Cost: Plain and simple, renting costs less.
  2. Invest Wisely: Renting allows you to spend your budget on the things that will directly bring you business - your graphics and messaging.
  3. Flexibility: Different shows bring in different kinds of attendees. Renting offers the flexibility of changing your exhibit's structure and graphics to strategically target attendees from show-to-show.
  4. Overlapping Shows: When you have multiple shows on dates that overlap, renting gives you the freedom to have an effective presence at both shows.
  5. Upgrading: Time brings change so flexibility is very important. When you rent your exhibit, you have the freedom to make changes because your resources aren't tied up in structure. If you need a face-lift with new messaging and graphics, you have the freedom to do it. If you have the opportunity to move into a larger space, your resources are free to meet our needs if and when you need them.
  6. No Storage Expense or Hassle: Storing a booth can be expensive and shipping it to a show and back can be a real hassle. When you rent from J5 Creative there is no storage expense and there are no delivery hassles.
  7. Testing: Renting offers the benefit of testing a booth before you invest in its purchase. Your display will be set up at our facility so you can take it for a test drive before the show.